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Import changes from personal repository (GNUmakefile) - Add new target, clean-cache, for cleaning up eln-cache directory - Add target for #{DISABLEDHOSTS} (aliases.commands) - Add new alias for changing to Windows home directory (bash_unix_sv) - Remove xterm-256color logic (bashrc) - Set WINHOME variable - Update BROWSER variable selection to preferred application - Update EDITOR variable selection to preferred application - Do not erase tput kbs on MINGW64_NT - Add ~/.dotnet/tools directory to PATH should it exist - Make sure dotnet programs know where main binary is installed (emacs.d/init.el) - Improve support for setting up load-path under MS Windows - Add ~/.dotnet/tools directory to exec-path - Use Cascadia Code[1] under MS Windows - Install and configure all-the-icons-dired[2] - Install and configure all-the-icons-ibuffer[3] - Install and configure dotnet[4] - Reorganize projectile[5] and friends - Install ox-pandoc[6] should pandoc(1) be installed - Configure js-mode to use LSP - Do not install yaml-mode unless npm is found - Install and configure company-org-block[7] - Install csharp-mode for older versions of Emacs. Note that csharp-mode is included in GNU Emacs as of 29.1[8] - Only install go-mode if golang is installed - Only install lsp-java mode if java is installed - Go ahead and install lsp-mode regardless if npm is installed - Only install php-mode should npm be installed - Go ahead and configure sh-mode regardless if npm is installed - Install and configure web-mode[9] (emacs.d/snippets/c-mode/bp) (emacs.d/snippets/java-mode/bp) - Correct typo in header (emacs.d/snippets/csharp-mode/bp) (emacs.d/snippets/csharp-mode/getset) (emacs.d/snippets/csharp-mode/svnbp) - Initial entry (emacs.d/snippets/html-mode/phpbp) - Remove outdated TODO (gitconfig) - Standardize on 'trunk' as default branch (nanorc) - Customize to taste (prompts) - Only enable git features in prompt should git(1) be installed ( - Strip trailing slash from $HOME - Bump copyright - Add selected_editor file to list of propagated files - Re-write synchronization conditional (thirdparty/git-completion.bash) - Update git completion scripts to v3.24.1 (tmux.conf) - Display short, as opposed to full, hostname (vscode/snippets/ - Initial entry (vscode/snippets/csharp.json) - Add snippet configuration file for MS VSCode Footnotes: [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7] [8] [9] Leaf check-in: 0e0b9ce962 user: cfuhrman tags: 2024.05, trunk
Periodic sync w/ trunk (GNUmakefile) - Add support for generating tomdoc[1] from shell files - Do not create markdown README file when invoking public target (aliases.commands) (bash_bsd) (bash_darwin) (bash_linux) (bash_profile) (bash_unix_sv) (bashrc) (prompts) ( - Comment for tomdoc (docs/GNUmakefile) - Add reference (docs/ - Mention experimental Emacs support under MS-Windows (emacs.d/init.el) - Add a check to make sure this configuration is run on a reasonably current version of emacs (>= 27.1) - Add experimental support for running this configuration under MS-Windows - Re-organization of packages alphabetically - Install and configure dsvn - Make sure yaml-mode is loaded after hl-todo-mode - Set lat/long to Greenwich, London, UK so Emacs will load with configuration modification Footnotes: [1] check-in: d0b9bb13e6 user: cfuhrman tags: trunk, v2023.11
Add missing tmux.conf file This got missed when committing changes from personal repository. My bad. check-in: 155b72c558 user: cfuhrman tags: trunk, v2023.09
Sync in latest changes from personal repository (GNUmakefile) - Add support for creation of distribution file using zip - Remove $USER variable from rsync propagation (alias.commands) (emacs.d/cmf-org-export.el) (emacs.d/lisp/cmf-org-settings.el) (emacs.d/snippets/c-mode/bp) (emacs.d/snippets/emacs-lisp-mode/bp) (emacs.d/snippets/go-mode/bp) (emacs.d/snippets/html-mode/phpbp) (emacs.d/snippets/java-mode/bp) (emacs.d/snippets/js-mode/bp) (emacs.d/snippets/perl-mode/bp) (emacs.d/snippets/php-mode/bp) (emacs.d/snippets/sh-mode/bp) - Standardize "All rights reserved." copyright line (emacs.d/init.el) - Standardize "All rights reserved." copyright line - Clean up trash-directory selection logic - Only install treemacs-magit if git(1) is installed (nanorc) - Remove smooth option. It is not recognized under later versions of GNU Nano ( - Consolidate tmux(1) configuration file and remove unnecessary linkTmuxConf() method - Should a symlink file not link to desired file, remove it prior to relinking it (tmux.conf) - Consolidate tmux configuration check-in: 24f549c341 user: cfuhrman tags: trunk
Sync in latest changes from personal repository (bash_linux) - Do not set core file limit to unlimited (docs/ - GNU Emacs configuration now requires Emacs 27.1 or greater - Bump copyright (emacs.d/init.el) - Update keybinding for counsel-compile - Do not require org-install as this is not supported under Emacs 29.1 - Disable indent-tabs-mode for Emacs Lisp files - Remove go-direx package. This causes warnings under Emacs 29.1 - Correct lsp-java variables so they get set properly - Break out lsp-java into its own section and make sure it is deferred (global-excludes) - Add .extension (prompts) - Add and enable new font, promptGREEN() ( - Bump copyright check-in: 84fbeaf6d7 user: cfuhrman tags: trunk, v2023.08
Sync latest changes from personal repository (emacs.d/init.el) - Install and configure ivy-hydra[1] - Install hydra[2] package - Install and configure nerd-icons[3] - Add ansi-color-compilation-filter to compilation-filter-hook for prettier output - Install and configure dap-mode[4] - Re-organize java-mode packages so that lsp-java[5] is automatically kicked off when a java file is opened. This fixes a long-standing bug (global-excludes) - Add `.netd-icon-fonts-installed` to list of global excludes. This file is generated when nerd-icons are installed Footnotes: [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] check-in: 176d9730f9 user: cfuhrman tags: trunk, v2023.06
Obfuscate ChatGPT key The previous commit contained a non-obfuscated ChatGPT API key. Be sure to make sure it is obfuscated. Note that the previous key has been disabled and cannot be used anymore. check-in: 2e77b8b29e user: cfuhrman tags: trunk, v2023.05.20
Sync latest changes from personal repos (bashrc) (functions) (prompts) ( - Styling clean-ups (emacs.d/init.el) - Install and configure ivy-xref[1] - Customize lsp-imenu for PHP mode - Install and configure gptel[2], an OpenAI ChatGPT client - Install ox-twbs export package[3] - Show constructor in imenu for java-mode - Disable indent-tabs-mode properly - Set style parameters via c-add-style Footnotes: [1] [2] [3] check-in: 789b48dab6 user: cfuhrman tags: trunk, v2023.05
Periodic sync from personal repo (emacs.d/init.el) - Make sure appropriate company backends are loaded for TeX & BibTeX files This includes LaTeX as well - Do not load tex packages until we need them - Customize how company mode handles case - Sort company mode custom variables alphabetically check-in: 33035b56f2 user: cfuhrman tags: trunk, v2023.02
Sync in latest changes from personal repository (emacs.d/init.el) - Re-map `C-x d` to `counsel-dired` - Install mastodon client[1] - Correct package name (caused by over-aggressive auto-completion) - Switch to using pyright[2] LSP server for python (global-excludes) - Add files generated by mastodon client ( - Add support for installing packages in newer versions of go Footnotes: [1] [2] check-in: 0b1d52bc3c user: cfuhrman tags: trunk, v2023.01
Bring in changes from personal repo (bash_bsd) (bash_darwin) (bash_unix_sv) (bashrc) (prompts) - Reformat with spaces as opposed to tabs (emacs.d/init.el) - Reformat with spaces as opposed to tabs - Bring over align-on-dollar-sign macro from work settings - Install and configure counsel-web[1] - Install and configure all-the-icons-completion[2] - Install and configure org-present[3] - Use LSP for editing Docker files - Enable `cmf/choose-line-number` for jinja2 files - Install and configure python-docstring[4] (emacs.d/lisp/cmf-org-settings.el) - Move org-mode specific functions to main init.el ( - Elaborate on recommended perl libraries in `plSetup()` Footnotes: [1] [2] [3] [4] check-in: a8db0e3fe0 user: cfuhrman tags: trunk, v2022.11
Initial entry of ignore-glob setting Version settings for ignore-glob check-in: eccade9a40 user: cfuhrman tags: trunk, v2022.09
Periodic sync w/ personal repository (bash_darwin) - Add `/opt/homebrew/bin` since HomeBrew[1] installs everything in `/opt/homebrew` under Apple Silicon-based Macs (bashrc) - Add composer vendor bin directory to `PATH` (emacs.d/init.el) - Add composer vendor bin directory to `PATH` - Add `/opt/homebrew/bin` since HomeBrew[1] installs everything in `/opt/homebrew` under Apple Silicon-based Macs - Set auto-revert-verbose to nil - Simplify loading of themes - Install and configure accent[2] package - Add convenience shortcut for finding workspace symbols - Install and configure ivy-emoji[3] package - Install powerthesaurus[4] package - Customize `undo-tree-history-directory-alist` - Disable indent-tabs-mode for `prog-mode` - Disable `ansible-color-apply-on-region`. Other modes were complaining too much - Customize `java-mode` to taste - Enable `makefile-mode` for `*.mk` files - Enable `org-adapt-indentation`. This got disabled when Emacs 28.1 was released (global-excludes) - Add `request` files to global-excludes. These are generated by Emacs and curl ( - Indentation fix Footnotes: [1] [2] [3] [4] check-in: cb1238914c user: cfuhrman tags: trunk
Periodic sync with personal repository (emacs.d/init.el) - Optimize `gc-cons-threshold` - Update theme to doom-sourcerer - Install counsel-osx-app[1] - Change keybinding for `org-store-link` to `C-c C-o l`. This is so we can use `C-c l` as a prefix for LSP commands - Add ggtags mode hook to emacs-lisp-mode - Optimize `read-process-output-max` - Use `C-c l` as LSP command prefix - Make sure java-mode kicks off LSP (global-excludes) - Exclude .elpa directory (note dot) Footnotes: [1] check-in: 990b2b7e78 user: cfuhrman tags: trunk, v2022.05
Periodic sync w/ personal repository (docs/ - Bump Copyright (emacs.d/init.el) - Set the following variables: + custom-file + global-auto-revert-mode + global-auto-revert-non-file-buffers + warnings-suppress-log-types (needed to prevent log spewage in GNU Emacs 28) + warnings-suppress-types (needed to prevent log spewage in GNU Emacs 28) - Do not use melpa-stable any more as some non-stable packages rely on versions not found in melpa-stable - Replace all-the-icons-dired with treemacs-icons-dired - Do not install dictionary package if GNU Emacs 28.1 or greater detected. It is already included - Install and configure the following packages: + treemacs-magit[1] + treemacs-projectile[2] - Defer loading of w3m mode, leading to slightly faster start-up times - Use define-key lsp-mode-map instead of lsp-keymap-prefix to specify LSP command prefix. This is needed for GNU Emacs 28 - Customize lsp-ui-doc-show-with-[mouse|cursor] as appropriate (emacs.d/lisp/cmf-org-settings.el) - Switch to using file+olp+datetree - Further customization of org-mode face attributes (gitconfig) - Customize magit.hideCampaign (global-excludes) - Ignore the following: + .fossil-settings + eln-cache (generated by GNU Emacs 28) + games (must save that high score from snakes!) + intelephense ( - Bump copyright year - Install Xmodmap (See below) (Xmodmap) - Customize left control/caps lock. This works under XFCE but not Gnome Footnotes: [1] [2] check-in: 5c530ee23b user: cfuhrman tags: trunk, v2022.04
Sync in latest changes from trunk (emacs.d/init.el) - Install dictionary[1] - Install ansible mode[2] - Install company-ansible[3] - Add cmf/choose-line-number-mode-hook and cmf/crontab-hook to crontab mode to make editing crontab files easier - Install graphviz-dot-mode[4] - Customize intelephense.phpdoc.functionTemplate - Defer a couple of packages - Fix alignment where applicable (emacs.d/lisp/cmf-org-settings.el) - Add cmf/org-font-setup for customizing how my org-mode files look Footnotes: [1] [2] There does not appear to be a valid web site associated with this package :/ [3] [4] check-in: 017b41dcc7 user: cfuhrman tags: trunk, v2021.12
Sync changes from personal repository (bashrc) (functions) (prompts) - Remove spaces between function heading and function declaration (docs/ - Bash must be version 4.0 or greater, so update documentation accordingly (emacs.d/init.el) - Switch back to using https for melpa and melpa-stable repositories - Add minor improvement to align-on-equal function - Remove redundant require statements - Bring in customization of nxml-mode from my work configuration into my personal configuration - Minor documentation fix (global-excludes) - Add directory, which is created by lsp-java (mk/ - Standardize file endings ( - Remove spaces between function heading and function declaration - Use `${variable^^}` form to make variables upper-case as opposed to using tr(1). This requires Bash 4.0 or greater - Installation of Perl::LanguageServer will pull in required dependencies - Make note of AnyEvent test failures check-in: f4cc342971 user: cfuhrman tags: trunk, v2021.10
Apply latest updates from personal repository (GNUmakefile) - There is no need to generate text-based documentation when creating a distribution tarball (bash_linux) - Correct issue where TERM was not getting set properly under Redhat Linux 7.x (docs/ - Comment that we are installing Perl::LanguageServer, not PLSense (emacs.d/init.el) - Update custom-safe-themes - Use yaml-mode when editing *.yml files - Add LSP support for editing C/C++ files (requires clangd) - Add LSP support for editing Perl files - Set lsp-python-ms-python-executable lsp-python-ms needs the path to the python3 executable set to work properly - Add /Library/Developer/CommandLineTools/usr/bin to exec-path so clangd can be found under macOS systems (global-excludes) - Do not hose files starting with 'elpa'. This is useful if I have to make a temporary backup ( - Add support for installing the Perl Lanaugage Server (thirdparty/git-completion.bash) (thirdparty/ - Update git scripts to v2.32.0 check-in: ef80e4078a user: cfuhrman tags: trunk, v2021.07
Sync in changes from personal repository (Xresources) - Add customizations for Emacs when using a version of GNU Emacs compiled using the Lucid X Toolkit (emacs.d/init.el) - Force scrollbar to right. This is needed when using a version of GNU Emacs compiled using the Lucid X Toolkit - Switch to using plain HTTP for connecting to MELPA archives. - Relocate ivy-rich stanza so it gets loaded properly - Remove treemacs-projectile and treemacs-magit which were causing issues. I suspect that these use features found in the development version of treemacs while I use the stable version. - Set lsp-response-timeout to 30 seconds - Clean up how projectile-project-search-path is set - Update custom safe themes. I am seeing the pattern where everytime doom-themes gets updatged, I have to update custom safe themes. - Install and configure lsp-mode for goLang development - Install and configure lsp-mode for Python development. Note use of Microsoft Python Language Server - Install and configure lsp-mode for YAML file editing (useful for editing ansible files) ( - Add support for installing the GoLang Language Server check-in: 8c81d99535 user: cfuhrman tags: trunk, v2021.05
(bashrc) - Add $HOME/.local/bin to PATH (emacs.d/init.el) - Fix alignment issues - Document cmf/display-startup-time() - Make sure the following packages use melpa-stable versions: + ivy + swiper + counsel - Load all-the-icons-ivy-rich after ivy - Correct how cmf/choose-line-number-mode-hook is attached to Apache config files - Install and configure company-emoji[1] - Customize lsp-ui-doc-alignment - Customize lsp-imenu when editing PHP fiels Footnotes: [1] check-in: a7938d6845 user: cfuhrman tags: trunk, v2021.04
REALLY remove Bazaar link this time check-in: cb2432cb69 user: cfuhrman tags: trunk, v2021.03.2
Update repository list Bazaar and BitBucket are no longer applicable and GitHub repo moved. check-in: 33ee3e4e6e user: cfuhrman tags: trunk, v2021.03.1
Sync in latest changes from personal repository (GNUmakefile) - Add support for exporting repository to git as fossil as the `fossil export` has been deprecated - Do not build txt targets when updating and propagating to remote hosts ( - Linked from docs/ (bash_darwin) - Add location of ansible 2.9 to PATH (docs/EMACS-REWRITE-2021) (docs/GNUmakefile) - Add documentation outlining improvements to GNU Emacs configuration (docs/ - With the 2021 rewrite of GNU Emacs configuration, ShellPAK only supports GNU Emacs 26.1 or later - Simplify list of supported operating systems - Bump copyright (emacs.d/init.el) - Completely re-write GNU Emacs configuration. See docs/EMACS-REWRITE-2021 for further information (emacs.d/lisp/cmf-org-settings.el) - Remove reference to G.G. Guards - Customize `org-elipsis` - Set `org-list-allow-alphabetical` (emacs.d/snippets/org-mode/bp) (emacs.d/snippets/org-mode/rcsbp) (emacs.d/snippets/org-mode/svnbp) - Remove extra hash line from snippet as this was causing a stray hash to appear when org-mode files were rendered by Github (emacs.d/snippets/org-mode/bsrc) - Add a snippet for `#+begin_src ... #+end_src` blocks (emacs.d/thirdparty/phpcbf) - Added as this package has been removed from melpa (global-excludes) - Add additional files that are generated by the new GNU Emacs configuration so they don't get clobbered when doing an update ( - Copyright bump - Set appropriate permissions when propagating check-in: b4f79dbb74 user: cfuhrman tags: trunk, v2021.03
Periodic sync w/ trunk (bash_darwin): - Add /usr/local/opt/make/libexec/gnubin to path (bash_linux) - Enable colors for ip(8) (bashrc) - Ignore 'ls -al' in history - Clean up functions that are only run during initialization (emacs.d/cmf-org-export.el) (emacs.d/custom.el) - Standardize on three semi-colons (emacs.d/init.el) - Standardize on three semi-colons - Do not customize font under X-Windows - Fix GNUTLS on versions of Emacs less than 26.1 - Remove defunct marmalade package repository - Remove forecast package - Have yasnippet install yasnippet-snippets package on load - Install adoc-mode[1] - Diminish clean-ups - Install and configure diff-hl[2] - Do not install gited or magit if git command not found - Change hl-todo keybindings since they interfere with Projectile - Do not turn on orgstruct++ mode as it has been removed in Emacs 27.1 - Install and configure projectile[3] - Disable auto-fill mode when editing YAML files (emacs.d/snippets/go-mode/bp) - Use correct GoLang file header format (emacs.d/snippets/org-mode/bp) (emacs.d/snippets/org-mode/rcsbp) (emacs.d/snippets/org-mode/svnbp) - Do not include BibTeX automatically, rather use it on a per-file basis (gitconfig) - Disable core.autocrlf[4] (global-excludes) - Exclude files and directories generated by elpy and projectile Footnotes: [1] [2] [3] [4] check-in: f76d35b6e1 user: cfuhrman tags: trunk, v2020.12
Regenerate check-in: 71a4c6e1f9 user: cfuhrman tags: trunk, v2020.05
Merge in latest changes from personal repo (bashrc) - Clean up browser and editor preferences - Re-add /opt/schily/bin to path (emacs.d/init.el) - Correct issue with org-mode/auto-fill-mode. Word wrapping now works again. - Fix flyspell - Install and configure Graphviz Dot Mode[1] - Install and configure SQL Indent[2] - Install and configure wttrin[3] (emacs.d/snippits/js-mode/bp) (emacs.d/snippits/php-mode/bp) (emacs.d/snippits/sql-mode/bp) - Clean up boilerplates ( - Bump copyright (Happy New Years!🎉) - Clean up output in tmux configuration debuggery (thirdparty/git-completion.bash) - Update git completion and prompt scripts to v2.21.0 Footnotes: [1] [2] [3] check-in: c822608351 user: cfuhrman tags: trunk
Sync with personal repository Trivia: This is the first SHA3 commit for this repository (bashrc) - Prioritize Google Chrome and Chromium for web browsing. Also remove browsers that are no longer maintained or available - Add $HOME/vendor/bin to $PATH (emacs.d/init.el) - Add $HOME/vendor/bin to exec path - Add convenience function for disabling all minor modes in a buffer. Function courtesy of [1] - Enable sudo-edit-indicator-mode (tmux-[12].conf) - Bump up status left length to 38. This will help with displaying long hostnames Footnotes: [1] check-in: 10191114a4 user: cfuhrman tags: first-sha3-commit, trunk, v2019.12
Sync with personal repo (bash_bsd) - Remove old hacks (bash_darwin) - Remove old hacks (bashrc) - Remove YASTISBROKEN checks - Relocated aliases to individual files - Set bash history timestamp as appropriate (emacs.d/init.el) - Set GnuPG home directory - Install and configure hl-todo[1] - Install gnu-elpa-keyring-update[2]. Note that since not all packages in the GNU ELPA repository are signed, package signature checking is disabled - Install and configure the realgud[3] debugger - Do not insert deprecated @access tag when autofilling PHP function headers - Install and configure go-complete[4] (emacs.d/lisp/cmf-org-settings.el) - Switch to datetree. I still use GNU Emacs 25.3 on some platforms, so don't use new settings (emacs.d/snippets/*) - Standardize end-of-file comments (emacs.d/snippets/org-mode/svnbp) - There is no need to specify hypersetup twice (screenrc) - Update settings to allow screen to behave more like tmux Footnotes: [1] [2] [3] [4] check-in: 63a21e56a4 user: cfuhrman tags: trunk, v2019.10
Sync w/ personal repo ( - Regen (docs/ - Document PLSense setup - Bump copyright (emacs.d/init.el) - Recent versions of php_mode no longer require php-ext, so don't load it (emacs.d/lisp/cmf-org-settings.el) - Switch to using file+olp+datetree check-in: ec6721512f user: cfuhrman tags: trunk, v2019.06
Sync with personal public repository (*GNUmakefile) - Be sure to clean up additional files typically left over from a merge ( - Regen (bashrc) - Reformatting - Set up perl environment - Add alias for `ls -alh` (emacs.d/cmf-org-export.el) - Reformat (emacs.d/init.el) - Add ~/bin to cmf-path-list - Reformatting - Replace auto-complete mode with company-mode[1] - Do not install calfw sub-packages until calfw is utilized - Install and configure docker[2] and dockerfile[3] - Do not use melpa-stable version of emojify[4] as the regular version seems to support Emacs 26.1 without issue - Install and configure flyspell-correct-ivy[5] - Remove personal forecast api key and note where API key can be gotten from - Only install go-mode sub-packages when go-mode is loaded - Only install php-mode sub-packages when php-mode is loaded - Switch to using elpy[6] for Python development - Correct issue whereby any file with the word "SQL" in its full path would cause sql-mode to be loaded instead - Whoops, do not leak my twitter username - Add undo-tree-mode to conf-mode hook - Install and configure vue-mode[7] - Diminish which-key mode - Add subword-mode to yaml-mode-hook (emacs.d/lisp/cmf-org-settings) - Switch to using file+olp+datetree for archive location. This is the mode supported by Emacs 26.1+ (global-excludes) - Add - Add transient directory - Sort alphabetically ( - Update copyright to reflect new year - Add option for installing PLsense[8] for auto-complete functionality when editing perl files - Make quotes consistent - Sort Python packages installed alphabetically - Add setuptools-black to list of Python packages installed - Install and link tmux.conf file based on version of tmux(1) installed (thirdparty/git-completion.bash) - Update git completion and prompt scripts to v2.20.1 Footnotes: [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7] [8] check-in: fbadd18174 user: cfuhrman tags: trunk, v2019.05
Sync check-in: f448cb6cd4 user: cfuhrman tags: trunk
Import latest changes from personal repo ( - Regenerated using org v9.1.9 as found in GNU Emacs 26.1 (bashrc) - whitespace cleanups (emacs.d/init.el) - GGTags now requires Emacs 25.1 or greater - Install and configure htmlize - Customize sml/read-only-char based on window system (emacs.d/lisp/cmf-org-settings.el) - Add mood to journal entries - fixltx2e no longer required (prompts) - Add promptCMF256() (thirdparty/git-prompt) - Update to git v2.17.1 check-in: d6ffa09537 user: cfuhrman tags: trunk, v2018.10.12
Import latest changes from personal repo (GNUMakefile) - Set rsync(1) timeout to 30 seconds (bash_darwin) - Switch /usr/pkg to /opt/pkg to make installation easier (bashrc) - Make sure /opt/pkg/bin is before /usr/bin on MacOSX. Also, there is no need to have /opt/schily/bin twice in our path - Use an alias instead of GREP_OPTIONS as GREP_OPTIONS is now deprecated[1] (docs/ - Note ShellPAK now support customization of GNU nano(1) editor - Update supported operating systems - It's OpenSUSE, not OpenSuSE - Add instructions for setting up pythong (emacs.d/init.el) - Add /opt/pkg/bin to cmf-path-list - Customize use-fancy-splash-screens-p for emacs version 24.5 (inclusive )-> 25.2.1 (exclusive) - Alignment fixes - Only customize height for when running Emacs under X-Windows - Add hooks via :hook declaration - Remove ac-ispell as it was causing too many issues to be useful - Remove popwin package as it was causing too many issues - Only install ace-window for emacs 24.4 and greater - Only install all-the-icons for emacs 24.4 and greater - Remove diff-mode customizations which were for popwin - Further customize flycheck - Only install gited for emacs 24.4 and greater - Bind gited-list-branches to C-c C-g - Swiper customizations for Emacs 26 - Install and configure markdown-mode - Install and configure org-fancy-priorities - Enable line up of cascading calls when editing PHP files - Set up Python development in Emacs - Add remote-url to VC-Fossil header - which-key requires Emacs 24.4 and greater - Customize org-crypt (emacs.d/shippets/sh-mode/bp) - Align copyright information (global-excludes) - Exclude the following from getting hosed: + .aggrev_defs + .python-environments + tramp ( - Add support for customizing python environment (thirdparty/git-completion.bash, thirdparty/git-prompt) - Import git completion and prompt scripts from git v2.15.1 Footnotes: [1] check-in: a690e0857b user: cfuhrman tags: trunk, v2018.08
Further customizations of emacs environment (docs/ - Bump copyright - Update list of supported operating systems (emacs.d/init.el) - Install and configure the following packages: + popwin[1] + calfw[2] + geben[3] + go-mode[4] and related packages - Pin the following packages to melpa-stable + all-the-icons + all-the-icons-ivy - Break out all-the-icons-dired and all-the-icons-ivy to their separate use-package blocks - Switch to using php-doc.el for automatically generating PHP documentation blocks (emacs-d/cmf-org-settings.el) - Add journal tag to all journal entries ( - Install gocode and gotags to use with go-mode Footnotes: [1] [2] [3] [4] check-in: 392bdcb90e user: cfuhrman tags: trunk, v2018.02.11
Optimize emacs packaging loading & configuration - Move additional mode-spectific variables into their respective use-package blocks - Re-organize where functions are loaded, with mode-specific functions belonging to their respective use-package blocks - Simplify prog-mode-hook & text-mode-hook customization - Customize trash directory on Mac OS X systems - Lose osx-trash which is s-l-o-w - Customize & simplify auto-complete[1] mode setup. Also, set up auto-complete /before/ yasnippet[2] - Massively simplify yasnippet configuration - Switch keybinding for ace-window[3] - Switch to using arjen grey theme[4] - Switch to using melpa stable[5] where applicable - Disable global-emojify-mode-line-mode since it wrecks havoc with cut-n-paste - I haven't found an excuse to use Go, so don't install go-mode. Hopefully this will change - Don't use ac-php since it's resource intensive. I may readdress this in the future Also, do not accidentally hose file Footnotes: [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] check-in: 178b66d4b7 user: cfuhrman tags: trunk, v2017.12.16
Sync latest changes from my personal repository ( - Bump Copyright (emacs) - Re-enable installation of vc-fossil for Emacs 25 and greater - Install and configure the following packages: + flyspell-correct-ivy[1] + all-the-icons[2] + all-the-icons-dired[3] + all-the-icons-ivy[4] + which-key[5] + ace-window[6] + highlight-parentheses[7] + flyspell-correct-ivy[8] - Force set fill-column to 80 characters for text-mode - Enable global-emojify-mode-line-mode - Automatically install fonts required for all-the-icons - Use emoji for common modes presented in the mode-line + 💡: beacon Mode + 📔: eldoc mode + 🦋: flycheck-mode + 🄶: ggtags-mode + 🌲: undo-tree + 🅈: yas-minor-mode - Load package archives more intelligently - Massive reworking of yasnippet[9] and auto-complete[10]. - Move mode-specific variables into their own use-package blocks - Bootstrap diminish prior to installation of use-package - Added boiler-plates for (c)perl-mode - Optimize loading of custom files ( - Bump Copyright Footnotes: [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7] [8] [9] [10] check-in: 3c1101ac0d user: cfuhrman tags: trunk, v2017.12
Sync with personal repository (GNUmakefile) - Remove emacs-packages target which is no longer needed - Rename RSYNC to RSYNC_BIN - Switch to using `fossil tarball` for distribution file generation - Add fossil target (bash_linux) - Remove hasBrokenYaST() as the version of openSUSE where the YaST bug occurred is no longer supported by the openSUSE project, then remove detection for the bug (bashrc) - Remove '.' from PATH as this is a security risk[1] - Make sure /opt/schily/bin is toward the end of $PATH (docs/ - Remove '[TABLE-OF-CONTENTS]' It looks like it is not necessary anymore (emacs.d/custom-nox.el) - Remove theme customization (emacs.d/custom.el) - Add emojify-emoji-styles - Customize linum-format - Customize cfw face - Don't forget to customize which-func face (emacs.d/init.d) - Clean ups where applicable - Add melpa-stable repository - Customize emojify mode - Move yasnippet package initializations to the top so it gets processed first - Install and configure calfw package - Switch theme to planet-theme - Install and configure gited - Install and configure sed-mode - Fix the following bugs: + Fix bug involving enriched text mode + Override use-fancy-splash-screens-p() (emacs.d/cmf-org-settings.el) - Remove Kawasaki Riding Log macro - Customize Journal Entry template - Customize org-latex-classes - Switch to using lualatex - Add and to list of org-mode refile targets (emacs.d/snippets/org-mode/bp) - Remove '[TABLE-OF-CONTENTS]' It looks like it is not necessary anymore (mk/ - Add a couple of more file suffixes to clean up. These are generated by LaTeX Footnotes: [1] See check-in: 0327ed3032 user: cfuhrman tags: trunk, v2017.10
Regenerate documentation check-in: 77f676b6a0 user: cfuhrman tags: trunk
(emacs.d/init.el) - Highlight 'LATER' in program files - Rewrite keyboard macros I use - install and configure osx-location[1] - Enhance sql-mode - Use nice-prog-hook when editing JSON files - Use PSR2 format[2] for editing PHP files - Do not defer installation of yaml mode - Only load vc-fossil on versions of Emacs < v25 as it is broken[3] - [org] List delegated files in refile report - [org] Add additional files to org-agenda-files (bashrc) - Add alias for PHP Codesniffer that uses PSR2[2] standard - Add support for go language development (bash*, functions) - Use new function naming convention for functions that are sourced from other files to prevent potential namespace collisions (git scripts) - Update git scripts to v2.8.4 (global-excludes) - Exclude tramp directory - Exclude network security directory Footnotes: [1] [2] [3] check-in: 6298520d4f user: cfuhrman tags: trunk, v2017.03
Sync to 501f0d77e4 from personal repo - Regenerate Bash: - Pre-pend additional directories instead of appending them. This way, I can set, for example, /usr/local/bin to be in front of $PATH - Re-order searched paths to taste Emacs: - Do not byte-recompile all contents of ~/.emacs.d as this causes issues with use-package - Obfuscate latitude & longitude - Obfuscate forecast-api-key (the old one has been invalidated, don't bother using it) - Set tramp default method to ssh - Commenting - Install and configure beacon-mode[1] - Install and configure darktooth theme[2] for non-console modes - Add additional counsel key bindings - Instll and configure osx-specific modes - Switch to using built-in global-prettify-symbols-mode for Emacs versions that have it installed, otherwise continue to use pretty-lambdada mode. - Install sudo-edit[3] - Do not enable ac-emoji mode for log-edit-mode - Switch org-refile-use-outline-path to nil as this was causing issues with refiling tasks under org-mode w/ swiper Git: - Update git-completion scripts to those provided by git v2.6.4, the version of git as shipped with Apple XCode v7.3 Footnotes: [1] [2] [3] check-in: 0585983024 user: cfuhrman tags: trunk, v2016.05
Remove table of contents check-in: fc7e1dcd20 user: cfuhrman tags: trunk, v2016.03
Rewrite Emacs initialization files Rewrite my Emacs initialization files: - Use use-package[1] to set up and configure packages - Switch from using ido-mode to using swiper[2] - Switch from using multi-web-mode to mmm-mode[3] - Move org-mode configuration to its own file, cmf-org-settings.el - Move configuration provided by setup-yasnippet.el into init.el - Use pretty-lambdada[4] for displaying lambda - Simplify displayed minor modes in the mode line using diminish[5] - Magit status is now bound to 'C-x g' - Automatically install third-party packages via use-package[1] instead of having it done via `make install` - Custom written elisp files are now located in lisp directory In addition: - '[g]make install' is now an alias to 'update' - Remove the '-p' option to as it's no longer required - Add new boilerplate for php files - Update documentation to reflect removal of 'make install' option - Styling changes to how arrays are declared in various bash scripts - Clean emacs.d sub-directories - Place $HOME/bin before other paths - Use instead of can be groked by bitbucket - Add svnbp snippet for subversion-managed org-mode files - Remove redundant docs/ file Footnotes: [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] check-in: f5866b1a13 user: cfuhrman tags: trunk
Make a real file ... since github doesn't grok fossil links :/ check-in: db1b2b0ea3 user: cfuhrman tags: trunk, v2015.12
Sync w/ personal repository - (GNUmakefile) Correct fossil detection - (GNUmakefile) Be sure to clean up files generated by global(1) - (bashrc) Add bin directory for composer[1] - ( Add GNU Make as requirement - ( Update FuhrWerks URL - (emacs) Add composer[1] bin directory to local-execpaths - (emacs) Set default timezone to America/Los_Angeles - (emacs) Use package-installed-p for determining presence of a specific package - (misc) Update git-completion scripts to v2.5.4 Footnotes: [1] check-in: ef05f1a395 user: cfuhrman tags: trunk
Update FuhrWerks URL check-in: 781b8e6883 user: cfuhrman tags: trunk
Apply various improvements from personal repository bash_darwin: - Re-order $PATH depending on if Homebrew[1] is installed bashrc: - Grammar in comment perltidyrc: - Set maximum line length of source files to 100 characters - Style consistency Emacs: - Setup and install org-ac mode[2] - Setup and install ac-emoji[3] - Add a sane hook for editing XML files. This hook makes sure that auto-fill-mode is *not* loaded - Use editor mode for tweets Misc: - Customize org-mode boilerplate - Clean up additional files when doing '[g]make clean' Footnotes: [1] [2] [3] check-in: 200e613f0a user: cfuhrman tags: trunk, v2015.11
Add a number of improvements Misc: - Add support for clocking in org-mode - Clean whitespace where applicable GNUmakefile: - Use awk to grep for checkout line prompts: - Make sure GNU echo is used - Add ability to restore default prompt - Check for presence of Emacs when building packages Emacs: - Remove git-commit-mode & git-rebase-mode as they are no longer available in the MELPA[1] repository - Install the magit[2] package - Add a new major mode, nice-msg-mode - Enable orgstruct- or orgstruct++-mode as appropriate - Add support for clocking within org-mode files - Add new snippet, org-mode/svnbp Footnotes: [1] [2] check-in: 64e4e75c94 user: cfuhrman tags: trunk, v2015.07
Sync w/ trunk GNUmakefile: - Make location a variable - Assume is in current directory tmux.conf: - Add a space after status-left line This fixes a kerning issue with tmux v2.0 - Bump up history-limit Double history-limit from 4K lines to 8K lines stored in history. - Force use of Emacs key-bindings in case $EDITOR is set to vi(1) or a derivative Emacs: - Switch to using twilight theme - Display STARTED tasks when listing tasks to refile in org-mode Git-completion: - Sync up to git v2.3.2 check-in: 484ba234be user: cfuhrman tags: trunk, v2015.06
Sync w/ trunk Emacs: - Switch to using sunshine-mode for displaying local weather forecast[1] - Update safe hash for smart-mode-line theme - Correct local-loadpaths variable Git: - Update git-completion scripts to git v1.9.5, the version now provided by Mac OS X developer tools Snippets: - (phpbp) Add potential TODO to mollify PHP_CodeSniffer[2] Misc: - Mention mg text editor in Footnotes: [1] [2] check-in: 02f72d317b user: cfuhrman tags: trunk, v2015.04
Sync with private repository Makefiles: - Do not use the '-v' flag under OpenBSD when running rm(1) as this isn't supported[1] - Minor formatting clean-ups bashrc: - Detect go and set up GOPATH accordingly - Add support for customizing the mg[2] text editor - clean up $makepaths - The OpenBSD version of mktemp(1) is more picky about the number of 'X's in the template - Reference the mg text editor emacs.d/GNUmakefile: - Don't include ../mk/ Use our own 'clean' target Emacs: - Add support for flycheck[3] instead of flymake - Mollify flymake for all Emacs Lisp files - Intelligently determine if normal-erase-is-backspace-mode is required - Switch to using wombat theme since it's easier on my eyes following LASIK surgery - Use c-lineup-cascaded-calls for statement-cont offsets - Add support for twittering mode YASnippet: - Update Emacs Lisp Boilerplate to be flycheck-compliant Footnotes: [1] [2] [3] check-in: 4d70e4d40b user: cfuhrman tags: trunk